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Enjoyed looking though your photos Jeff. Photography is a rewarding hobby.... Photo therapy. Feb 2016

Graig Goch Dam, √Član Valley

Received this photograph from my team mates as a leaving present. It's one of my favourite places and now, have the opportunity to visit just by looking at the picture. Thank you..
Catherine July 29 2015
Catherine Probyn


Wow! Very impressive photographs Jeff..Keep up the great work! :)
19 March 2014
Catherine Glastonbury

Your Gallery

Following your Elan Valley rainbow pic on Wales Weather have visited your site, very impressed, will watch out for further TV appearances.
Big Al

im a fan !!

Just viewed your site and was very impressed. Particularly love the action shot of the welsh sheepdog :-)
Amanda Howell


Hello Jeff,
Had a look through your photos and some great stuff there! Some nice bird stuff particularly the blackbird in the snow.
See you at the next event!
All the best.
Gary Howells
Gary Howells

Birds in the Snow

Hi Jeff. Your recently added photos of the birds in the snow are wonderful, they almost look like they are posing for you! I especially like the one of the thrush, beautiful detail.
13th January 2010
Janet S

Wedding Pics

A man of many talents jeff and photography being one of them. Loved the recent wedding pics, you did yourself proud!

Keeping up to date!

Hiya Jeff,

You have been a busy man!
Obviously been on holiday last year to Malawi, like the photos of that trip and noticed others of interest too, Blaenavon ones look good!

Byran, you know who?


Hi Jeff
Great photos. Looks like a different world. Hope you had a great time there and it wasn't too hot for you.

your 'Recent Photos'

Hi Jeff,

If this is the wedding you were talking to me about when we met at Penyfan Pond;
everything went well then?
Those you have shown look good.
Hope you are ok, best wishes


The wedding pics

Hi Jeff,
Wanted to see the wedding photos. They look great. I'm sure the bride was happy with them. Hope you enjoyed doing them. I'm looking forward to the Malawi photos.


Your Pictures are lovely Jeff, you definately have an 'eye' for what makes a great photograph. If I show you some of mine, I would appreciate your opinion and advice. Well Done!
Janet S


hey nice page!

Just to say 'Hello'!

Hi Jeff,
Hope you are well, had a look at some new additions. As usual they are very good.


Good work

beautiful site, good work.

Gwent Photos

Hi Jeff,
The photos you took of the five sites around Gwent look really good, and I am sure that all will be impressed when they see them.

When do you find the time?

Been following your site from the early days Jeff, it's now even better!

Is that the Brecon mountain railway carriage?

Keep clicking.


Reason No 4.

You make beautiful pictures.

cinderella prince charming and buttons

you,ve got a good eye for a pretty face. Great models. Well done, I like them all.

Elan Valley Resevoirs

Great photos Jeff of the resevoirs and surrounding scenery, just shows how beautiful a country that Wales is. Keep up the very good work.
Robert in Yemen.

latest portraits

Thank you for the photographs of the boys, they look fabulous!

2nd time lucky

Wow I am impressed. I love the rock pipit,as you know it was like one used in The Island with Ewan McGregor. You should ask for royalties!!!!!
I like the angles on Dublin curved bridge and the majesty of the dams.
Fancy quoting me for a print of my dog?

Your Photographs

What an impressive range of photographs...well thought out, showing both attention to detail and the end result.....very well done !
Judith Williams


It's a great site, surprised not to see any car ferries though! Think you should turn professional and make the most of that talent of yours.


Hi Jeff, Phil here, Karen's dad, just to say photos you take are absolutely BRILLIANT, Karen said that the one of the cheetah was taken through a chain link fence!! how good was that!! can't see the fence at all. Maybe one day i'll be able to take photos like yours, don't hold your breath though!!! Carry on the good work.
Phil Simmonds


Hi Jeff

This really is a great site, you have quite a talent, your pictures are very impressive. Keep up the good work...



I have been looking on your web site and as always I am very impressed. It's great to know someone so talented.
I like the cow the best.
Karen H

hi there

Your piccy's are great. Keep up the good work.
Take care
Pam Swainson

Cool Name

lol, amazing what you come across when u type your own name into Google. Loved the pics man, thanks for sharing! Take care, Jeff.
Jeff Hayward


I recently attended a local exhibition of Jeffs photography. The pictures were stunning. A very talented artist who captures the beauty of nature in his work. The clarity and detail of the subjects were amazing! I was so impressed that I actually purchased several of his pieces. Wonderful!
Janet South


Hi Jeff, just having a look through some of your photos on your website. They really are very good,nobody could fail to be impressed.